Photos of Iriomote Cat

Photos of Iriomote Cats Downloading

Photos of Iriomote cat and protection measures are posted on this website.

You can use them as resource materials in accordance with the following terms of use.

If you wish to use photos that are not published on this website, please contact us at the Iriomote Wildlife Conservation Center.

We may be able to provide photos and other materials according to our usage approval criteria.

Terms of Use

  1. Definition of Key Words

・”User” refers to the person who uses this website and images.

・”Administrator” is the person who manages this website, and this is the Iriomote Wildlife Conservation Center (IWCC).

  1. Copyright, etc.

The images and other information and content on this website are protected by the Copyright Act and other related laws and regulations. The IWCC holds the copyright and other rights as well as usage rights.

  1. Scope of Use

The user can rent out without charging a fee, use, reproduce, process and make secondary use of the images, etc. on this website (including making a presentation or publishing a website using the images) if the user agrees to the following terms.

・Notify the IWCC if use is for commercial purposes.

・Do not use the images for purposes that would undermine the protection and breeding of Iriomote cats, or in a way that would damage the credibility and reputation of the Environment Ministry.

・Credit the images in the following way: “Provided by the Iriomote Wildlife Conservation Center, Environment Ministry.”

  1. Advisory on Correction and Prohibition of Use

If the user is found to be using the images, etc. on this website in ways contrary to these Terms of Use, the administrator may advise the user to correct the usage method or prohibit their use.

  1. Disclaimer

The administrator does not guarantee nor assume any responsibility as to the accuracy and validity, or suitability to the user’s purpose, of any work created by using the images or any other information and content published on this website.